What is the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes of pupils regarding Olympic values?

The Lithuanian Olympic Academy conducted a study on the Olympic values ​​of pupils in Lithuania. The research team lead by Prof. Dr. Asta Sarkauskiene, who is a member of the EOA Olympic Education Commission, examined the knowledge, skills and attitudes of pupils in grades 5 and 6 regarding Olympic values. Based on the analysis of literature sources, five essential Olympic values ​​were singled out: excellence, respect, friendship, joy of effort and fair play. Six questions were assigned to assess each value, the first two questions reflecting pupils’ knowledge, followed by two questions about skills and two about attitudes.

Quantitative research (the questionnaire survey method) was used in the study. The data were collected from February to June 2020 in Lithuanian general education schools. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lithuania enacted quarantine and isolation measures during this period, therefore lessons in general education schools were being held remotely. 4412 pupils in grades 5-6 (age 11-13) from all ten Lithuanian counties participated in this study.

In the next step, a detailed analysis of the data and the preparation of conclusions and recommendations will be carried out.

“It is gratifying that our research has evolved from national to international. The Ukrainian and Slovak Olympic Academies have joined this study. The questionnaires were translated into the languages ​​of these countries and given to pupils of the same age” says Asta Sarkauskiene, “We invite other National Olympic Academies to join our study.”

This international research will provide an opportunity not only to study the level of Olympic values ​​of pupils in their country but also to compare the research results of different countries and to draw conclusions and recommendations for further successful development of pupils’ Olympic values knowledge, skills and attitudes.

For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Asta Sarkauskiene from the Lithuanian Olympic Academy.

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