International Olympic Value Education Programme Training Course in Vilnius

From 30th January to 3rd February, the international training course “Tools and methodologies for Olympic value education” took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The participants, aged between 22 and 30, came from 20 different countries and thus reflected the cultural diversity of Europe. Throughout the intensive five-day program, the training aimed to develop a network of Olympic value education multipliers that will collaborate in spreading Olympic values in schools, sports communities and related educational projects, all while exploring innovative ways to share and promote these values.

Organised by the Lithuanian Olympic Committee (LTOK) under the direction of Kasparas Šileikis, Director of Olympic Education, the course was conducted by the experienced trainers Donatas Petkauskas and Nerijus Miginis. LTOK already has a successful history of working with OVEP. Since 2018, they have provided training in OVEP to teachers, coaches, and athletes, enabling them to conduct Olympic Education activities across Lithuania. These efforts have led to remarkable results, with OVEP now being integrated into the 8th and 9th grade school curriculum.

The international program participants benefited from this expertise and, throughout the week, not only learned about Olympic values in theory, but also experienced them in practice. They actively engaged in trying out values education methodologies based on OVEP, gaining insights into integrating these principles into their daily lives and work for positive change. The OVEP approach, rooted in non-formal education principles, made the values like excellence, respect, and friendship tangible. Through active participation and experiential learning, participants were encouraged to reflect and gained valuable experience in designing and implementing workshops centred on OVEP activities, particularly for young people. Emphasising non-traditional education settings, the week offered engaging activities, interactive sessions, and collaborative projects, fostering a conducive environment for participants’ growth.

As the program concluded, participants left with a wealth of new insights and strategies to promote Olympic values in their home environments. Furthermore, collaborative initiatives and potential projects at the European level were developed to provide a long-term impact of the course.

Beyond the enriching content sessions, the week also offered lively cultural experiences. The participants learnt about Lithuanian culture at traditional dinners and immersed themselves in the country’s sporting spirit at a basketball game in Kaunas, the home of the Lithuanian basketball tradition.

The EOA was represented at the training course by Olympic Education Manager Katrin Wallmann.

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