Olympic Academy of Ukraine


Country Ukraine
Name of AcademyOlympic Academy of Ukraine (OAU)
Олімпійська Академія України
Name of PresidentProf. Dr. Mariia BULATOVA
Contact PersonProf. Dr. Mariia BULATOVA
Foundation date20 September 1991
Year of accession to EOA2018 (founding member)
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History and projects

The Olympic Academy of Ukraine was established on September 20, 1991 as an independent non-governmental organization. It operates under the auspices of the NOC of Ukraine. Since 1999 up to now, the OAU has been headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Full Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Mariia Bulatova. Since 1992, 26 branches of the Academy have been actively operating in Ukraine.

The activities of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine are implemented in the following areas:

  • Olympic education in higher educational institutions;
  • Olympic education in general secondary and preschool education institutions;
  • Scientific research work;
  • Scientific and methodical support of educational work;
  • Preservation of Olympic heritage;
  • Cooperation with state authorities, educational, sports and public institutions;
  • Cooperation with mass media;
  • International cooperation.

To popularize the ideas and values of Olympism, the Olympic Academy of Ukraine has partner relations with many organizations. On the national level – the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, the Ministry of Ukraine for Education and Science, the Ministry of Ukraine for Youth and Sports, the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences; the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, the Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education, institutions of general secondary, higher and preschool education, Special Olympics Ukraine, National Sports Federations; internationally – International Olympic Academy, International Olympic Committee, Olympic Studies Centre (Lausanne), European Olympic Academies, European Olympic Committees, Pierre de Coubertin International Committee, International University Sports Federation (FISU), International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH), and National Olympic Committees and Academies of more than 50 countries.

The Olympic Academy of Ukraine is located at the Olympic Study and Research Institute of the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport.

Regional and all-Ukrainian educational projects and programs of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine
  • Scientific conferences, seminars, webinars for experts in the field of physical education and sports;
  • Educational webinars for athletes, coaches, university students and secondary school students, the general public.
  • Olympiad for university student youth: “Connoisseur of the Olympic movement”
  • Olympiad in foreign languages “Olympic sport” (for students of specialized institutions of higher education).
  • Annual practical seminars for teachers of educational institutions.
  • All-Ukrainian network of Olympic education schools (312 schools).
  • Competition for the best school of Olympic education.
  • Olympic Lesson.
  • Olympic Week.
  • Quizzes “Connoisseur of Olympic sports” (for different age groups).
  • Cultural and sports educational festival “Olympic Chick Stork ” (for schoolchildren).
  • Do like Olympians.
  • Olympic Lab project.
  • Olympic Book.
  • Olympic Summer.
  • Preschool children Olympic Games.
  • Olympic Dictation.
  • Olympic Brain-ring.
  • Project “Olympic Lounge”.
  • Cultural and educational art project “Olympic movement through the eyes of children”.
  • Competition for the best museum and office of Olympic education “Olympic heritage ignites hearts”.

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