Klaipeda Conference Proceeding now available to download

The lectures given by renowned academics at our recent seminar are now available online. The print edition of “The Olympic Movement for international understanding and peace” was exclusively distributed to the EOA Members in November. Now, the collection of five brilliant lectures can be downloaded directly from the EOA website. The EOA has retained some printed copies for distribution. If you are interested, please reach out via info@eoaolympic.org.

Download the publication

Each subsequent EOA Seminar is designed to address ever more relevant topics and issues in the Olympic Movement and the work of the NOAs. The promotion of peace, preservation of the Olympic Heritage and the spread of Olympic Values in the face of war is a pressing discussion that was debated by Olympic experts and NOA delegates at the workshop in Lithuania

The promotion of peace and Olympic Values in the face of war. © EOA
European Olympic Academies, Lithuanian Olympic Academy
The Olympic Movement for International Understanding and Peace: Opportunities and Limits in the Context of Current Time
Conference Proceeding. EOA Seminar Klaipeda. 24-26 August 2022.
Published in 2022.

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