Belarus celebrates Olympic victories of the past with exciting new exhibition

As the countdown to Tokyo 2020 continues, Belarus celebrated glorious sporting victories of its past with the grand opening of an exciting new Olympic exhibition.

Named “On the way to Tokyo”, the exhibition was unveiled on International Olympic Day, June 23rd, marking another key milestone on the road to the 2020 Games, which kick off later this month.

The inspiring new exhibit, which is on display at Belarusian State University, was organised by the Belarusian Olympic Academy, Republican Museum of Physical Culture and Sports and Belarus’s National Olympic Committee.

A unique celebration of Belarusian sports culture, it features a range of historic exhibits at the Republican Museum, as well as interactive excursions and quizzes.

Keen to highlight the importance of its historic sporting heroes from past Olympic Games, the slogan of the exhibition is: “For victories in the present, one should always remember victories in the past”.

A special celebration of sports culture, the grand opening was attended by four-time Olympic medalist Elena Belova, guest of honour, who is currently Professor of the Pedagogy Department at Belarusian State University.

The unveiling of the exhibition featured a range of electrifying events.

Guests were treated to a fiery performance from dance champions Streletsky Oleg and Sabanskaya Maria, a swift fight between members of the national fencing team Roman Belyaev and Varvara Shaforstova, and an unforgettable workshop from Sendai University judo coach Naoka Nakata.

The main theme of the exhibit is the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Games, which get underway on Friday July 23rd, and the sports that will be represented there.

Thus, the Olympic exhibition introduces the sports and athletes who stood at the origins of current sports victories that all Belarusians are proud of.

Footage of the grand opening of the brand new “On the way to Tokyo” exhibition can be viewed on YouTube here.

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