United for a Greener Future: The Olympic Committee of Israel Joins the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework

In anticipation of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the Olympic Committee of Israel (NOC) is spearheading a national sustainability initiative in sports. This action aims to make a significant impact on environmental protection while engaging in sports activities aligned with Olympic values during.

In line with the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) commitment to sustainability, which addresses social, economic, and environmental challenges, the NOC of Israel has officially signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, taking a proactive stance by leading a comprehensive strategy plan to promote sustainability in Israeli sports.

The NOC Sustainability Commission has integrated a sustainability strategy into its core activities, aiming to inspire and assist sports bodies in embracing sustainability principles and engage the public through information and education. The overarching goal is the continual improvement of the sports sector’s performance in sustainability, while focusing on three main areas: activity of the NOC as an organization, in Israel and as part of the Olympic Movement; activity of the NOC vis-à-vis national federations and athletes; and activity of the NOC as it engages with the general public.

In the words of Yael Arad, NOC President: “Alongside the core of activities of Olympic sports in Israel, in the last two years we have been working diligently to utilize our influence in Israeli society for the good of the community. On behalf of the organization, I am proud to sign the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which has so far been signed by approximately 50 Olympic Committees and to promote sustainability in sports in Israel, together with Prof. Wolfson, who was recruited to help us, with the support of the NOC Education Department. After a long learning process about the issue, I am confident that other sports organizations will join us in this important task for the benefit of future generations.”

In the words of Prof. Adi Wolfson, Chair of the NOC Sustainability Commission:

“The ecological-climatic crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. At the same time, sports activities also have an effect on the natural environment as they are reciprocally affected by environmental changes. Sport, which is one of the most popular social activities in the world, can be an agent of change and a central tool for the promotion of sustainable development. The Olympic Committee of Israel joins the largest and most important sports organizations in the world, and assumes responsibility and commitment to spread the message of sustainability in sports to the Israeli public and to lead the field.”

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