Time is ticking: three more weeks to Vilnius

Three weeks from now the EOA Congress will take place in Vilnius from 8th to 11th November 2023! This year’s congress, entitled “The Olympic Movement in a Changing World” will be about the challenges, whether political, social, health, climatic or economic, that society is facing. These challenges also run through sport and its events, for example the Olympic Games or the Olympic Movement. One thing is certain: one must take action.

To address these issues, some promising speakers and experts have been invited to the congress.

Right at the beginning Sylvia Schenk, who sits on the IOC Human Rights Advisory Committee, will speak about “Human Rights and the Olympic Peace Mission in Times of War”, followed by EOA Vice-President Prof. Dr. Mariia Bulatova speaking on behalf of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine.

Marc Theisen from the EOC and Jean Michel Brun, also from the EOC, will discuss how sport and the Olympic Movement positions itself between Autonomy and Public Intervention in their lectures on Tuesday.

Check out the detailed programme for the three-day congress here.

The EOA is looking forward to an international gathering among our members and experts for fruitful discussion all around new challenges in the world of sports. Together with the Lithuanian Olympic Academy, the EOA is sure that the congress will be a memorable platform for exchange and new insights.

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