EOA Commissions appointed for 2024-2028

At its meeting in Paris in January 2024, the EOA Executive Board appointed the members to the EOA Commissions for the next four years. The following persons were selected:

Communication Commission
  • Natalia Arriaga
  • Andris Dzenis
  • David Guehring
  • Alexandr Kliment
  • Erodotos Miltiadous
  • Theodora Palli
  • Armine Sargsyan
Development & Cooperation Commission
  • Polyxeni Argeitaki
  • Charlene Attard
  • Georgios Korellis
  • Elena Malikova
  • Maria Jose Martinez Patino
  • Barbara Petri-Uy
  • Polona Samec
Olympic Education Commission
  • Eda Caushi
  • Yarden Har Lev
  • Diellza Kelmendi
  • Ana Leite
  • Denise Panagopoulou
  • Stefanie Pietsch
  • Liidia Radchenko
  • Simona Tabara Amanar
Olympic Heritage Commission
  • Harutyun Babayan
  • Danira Bilic
  • Bojan Jurovic
  • Ansgar Molzberger
  • Kyriaki Oudatzi
  • Zdenek Skoda
  • Anita Sterea
  • Alida Zigmunde

For each Commission, one Board member and one staff member act as permanent guests. Marion Guigon-Lacroix takes on this role for the Communication Commission, Clea Papaellina for the Development & Cooperation Commission, Asta Sarkauskiene for the Olympic Education Commission and Bernard Hilgers for the Olympic Heritage Commission. Soenke Schadwinkel will assist the Communication and Development & Cooperation Commissions, whereas Katrin Wallmann will assist the Olympic Education and Olympic Heritage Commissions.

The EOA Commissions will meet for the first time in their new composition in the coming weeks and nominate a Commission Chair. The task of the Commissions is to advise the Executive Board in their respective fields of expertise. The EOA Commission Rules and Procedures regulate the work of the Commissions and ensure ongoing dialogue between them, the Executive Board and the Head Office.

More information on the Commissions can be found at https://www.eoaolympic.org/about/the-organisation/commissions/.

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