Shalom and Guten Tag: NOAs of Germany and Israel met for second time

In the beginning of May 2023, the second German-Israeli Seminar took place in Frankfurt after its launch in 2019. The two-day seminar strengthened the binational relationship and brought together nine delegates from Israel and Germany. In this regard, the seminar was organised by the German Olympic Academy (DOA), conducted by them and the National Olympic Committee of Israel (NOCIL) under the auspices of the EOA.

The meeting of the Israeli and German delegates ensured an insightful and intense discourse about currently relevant issues such as talent recognition, education of coaches, the position of women in sports and the necessity of appointing women in leadership positions in German sports and influences on female athletic performance. Furthermore, the safety of women in sports, overall harassment, the sexualisation of women in sports and the strategic prevention of them were topic of discussion for the second day and presented by speakers like Elena Lamby from the German Sports Youth, who focused on Safe Sports, for example.

The great programme was accompanied by culinary and cultural events over the days. The second meeting is considered a milestone and the next seminar is already planned for 2024 or 2025 in Israel and will take place under the auspices of NOCIL.

The event was attended by EOA President Manfred Laemmer and EOA staff Soenke Schadwinkel and Emma Rantamaa.

For a more detailed article from the German Olympic Academy, follow this link.

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