Olympism in Action: The Olympic Family for the Community in Israel 

As part of the Olympic Committee of Israel’s strategy to promote Olympic values, the Education Department, together with the Athletes Commission, is leading initiatives of community involvement and social responsibility. 

Among its initiatives, a collaboration was formed between the NOC of Israel and Latet, the largest NGO in Israel combating poverty and food insecurity in Israel. This cooperation started with one of Latet’s programmes called Nutritional Security, aiming to reduce nutritional insecurity among families and individuals living in severe poverty by salvaging, collecting, and distributing food. 

The first action took place before Passover, when students of the Olympic Class, a programme led by the NOC of Israel and the Olympic medallist Arik Ze’evi, mobilised for 10 days of collecting food from customers in a supermarket in Tel Aviv. 

The second stage involved over 70 athletes and coaches, including the Olympic medallists Yael Arad, Peter Paltchik and Shahar Zubari, together with the NOC CEO Gili Lustig and staff members, who arrived at Latet’s logistics centre with the aim of packing food packages for families living in nutritional insecurity. 

“As the Olympic Committee of Israel, it is our duty not only to celebrate sporting achievements but also to contribute to the improvement of the society. We stand united with our medallists and athletes for the goal of preparing food baskets for needy families. This initiative not only provides essential support to those in need but also sheds light on the challenges posed by the high cost of living in Israel. Together, we believe that by setting a personal example and making a significant contribution to the community, we can make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling.” 

NOC President Yael Arad.

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