New publication from the German Olympic Academy – “The Educational Potential of the Olympic Idea” – out now!

On behalf of the German Olympic Academy (DOA), the EOA is pleased to announce the recent publication of a new book entitled “The Educational Potential of the Olympic Idea” which is now available digitally and in print.  

The new publication is an anthology offering a broad variety of perspectives on topics relating to the Olympic Games. Articles have been submitted by leading sports academics from across Germany and the book notably features a contribution from the President of the EOA, Prof. Manfred Laemmer. The German Olympic Academy emphasises in the introduction to the text that the publication has been written not only for an academic readership, but for everyone who is interested in the Olympic Idea, including students, teachers, athletes, coaches and other individuals involved in sport. 

The Olympic movement has been challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic and debates on topics such as Beijing’s selection as the host of the Winter Olympic Games in 2022 remain divisive. “The Educational Potential of the Olympic Idea” seeks to offer objective examinations of different aspects of the Olympic movement, which until now have not been widely available. The NOA of Germany hopes that this relevant and engaging text will introduce readers to a range of topics concerning the Olympic movement. 

Readers of “The Educational Potential of the Olympic Idea” will find the articles within the book divided into three main sections. These include Olympic Basics, Olympia Today and Inside Olympia. The anthology features a diverse range of topics which will appeal to different readers, such as a piece from a coach’s perspective, a debate on the advertising of the Olympic Games and a commentary on the diversification of the Olympic Games through the growth of the Paralympics, Special Olympics and Deaf Olympics. Alongside these topics, a section at the end of the book is dedicated to the German NOA itself and offers a brief overview of its projects and initiatives. 

“The Educational Potential of the Olympic Idea” is a significant publication for the German NOA, according to Chair Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper, “I am very pleased that we were able to realise this project together with Prof. Dr. Stefanie Pietsch and the numerous authors who participated. The anthology is an excellent addition to the portfolio of DOA publications and projects and makes an important contribution to the constructive-critical monitoring of the Olympic movement in Germany.” 

“The Educational Potential of the Olympic Idea” can be ordered in print or downloaded for free

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