New Executive Board met in Cologne

At its meeting on 30-31 January 2023, the EOA Executive Board evaluated the EOA Congress Frankfurt and appointed a working group to create a guiding framework for the EOA Commissions. The Board further launched the planning process for the EOA Flame Awards and addressed the continuing suspension of the NOA of Russia and Belarus, as well as upcoming activities and events in 2023.

EOA President Manfred Laemmer invited the new Executive Board to Cologne for its 15th meeting. The venue, the German Sport University Cologne, has been his main domain of operation since the 1960s. The meeting was attended by Manfred Laemmer (President, Germany), Mariia Bulatova (Vice-President, Ukraine), Ivans Klementjevs (Vice-President, Latvia), Marion Guigon-Lacroix (General Secretary, France), Bernard Hilgers (Treasurer, Netherlands), Clea Papaellina (Board Member, Cyprus), Asta Sarkauskiene (Board Member, Lithuania).

Genuine friendship at the Congress in Frankfurt

The EOA Board, recently elected in a new configuration, made an analysis of the EOA Congress in Frankfurt, which was considered a resounding success. The event in the past autumn was particularly hallmarked by its high-quality presentations and a feeling of genuine friendship among the participants.

EOA Flame Awards as of autumn 2023

The last General Assembly had adopted a guideline document on the EOA honours & awards, which also contains a special recognition for the EOA members, the EOA Flame Award, given for the best Olympic Education Project as well as the Olympic Heritage Project. The Board decided to pilot the first awarding process itself in order to gather experience. The awards will come with prize money. In the coming months, further information will be sent to the members on how the application, selection and ceremony process will be carried out.

New framework for EOA Commissions

As the four-year term of office of the EOA Commissions draws to a close, an interim conclusion was drawn on the ways of functioning, opportunities and challenges within the Commissions. The Board understands the challenges that come with the volunteer commitment of the Commission members and has therefore appointed a Working Group to develop a guiding framework until the next Congress. This document shall facilitate the functioning of the Commissions and improve the link to the Board and Administrative Office.

NOA of Russia and Belarus remain suspended

The ongoing debates on the potential participation of Russian athletes in sporting competitions and the re-entry of the NOC of Russia and Belarus into the Olympic Movement made it necessary to review the status of the currently suspended EOA members, the Central Olympic Academy of Russia and the Belarusian Olympic Academy. The EOA Board continued to position itself for an upheld suspension until the end of the war following the IOC recommendations and expressed its strong support to the Ukrainian people.

Summer filled with major European sporting events

Following the ending of the European Youth Olympic Festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia, many sports events and opportunities for exchange are coming up this summer: besides the Games of the Small States of Europe in Malta, the third edition of the European Games of the European Olympic Committees in Krakow-Malopolska is an exceptional event to look forward to. In 2023, the EOA will conduct the annual Congress and one or two EOA regional seminars. The decision on who will host the events will be made soon.

The next EOA Executive Board Meeting will presumably take place in April 2023.

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