“Move and Know” Project to promote children’s physical activity 

The Lithuanian Olympic Academy has initiated the project “Move and Know”, which is aimed to develop health-enhancing physical activity and critical examination of physical activity indicators, self-control, and social skills, targeting 1200 children aged 10-13 in the city of Klaipeda. The project duration is set for 34 months, from the beginning of September 2022 to the end of June 2025. “Move to Know” is financed by the Lithuanian Sports Sponsorship Fund. 

By providing an interactive and engaging environment that combines fun and learning, the project aims to promote physical activity among children. Innovative technology such as ISports Wall and Polar Team Pro system are utilised to apply physical activity promotion measures. This technology facilitates the achievement of the project’s objectives, enabling children to develop critical examination of physical activity indicators and other social skills. 

Amazing Interactives Ltd has developed a new innovative system called the ISportsWall, which can convert a large 4m to 6m wall within a school hall into an interactive classroom for catch-up learning and exercise. Currently, the system has over 70 modules that cover both educational and physical activities. By throwing balls or touching the wall, large and small groups of pupils can interact with the modules, making physical activity fun and engaging for the children. This approach is aimed to increase their motivation and participation in physical activities. 

Providing coaches with essential performance insights on individual and team performance, the Polar Team Pro system offers GPS-based movement data, inertial sensor metrics, and integrated heart rate monitoring. On-screen heart rates help push children towards higher training zones, giving coaches accurate feedback on training effort and recovery times. 

The project will teach the children valuable skills but most importantly, they will develop a lifelong love for physical activity. What is more, enhancing the health of children, the project’s impact will be seen beyond the duration of the project. 

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