National Olympic Academy of France


Country France
Name of AcademyNational Olympic Academy of France (ANOF)
Académie Nationale Olympique Française
Name of PresidentArnaud RICHARD
Contact PersonMarion GUIGON-LACROIX
Foundation date19 February 1994
Year of accession to EOA2018 (founding member)
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Meet our members – An interview series by the EOA

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In April 2022, the EOA had the opportunity to speak to Marion Guigon-Lacroix, who is the EOA General Secretary as well as the Vice-President of the Académie nationale olympique française (ANOF). The interview was conducted virtually, but Marion Guigon-Lacroix gushes about the ANOF office in the headquarters of the CNOSF (Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français) on Avenue Pierre de Coubertin in the south of Paris. Guigon-Lacroix spends the time revealing the history, formal organisation and structure of the NOA and its current aims, goals and achievements.

The NOA of France was founded in 1994 and registered as a private and independent organisation. It consists of a General Assembly, a Council, a Board, and a Presidium. The NOA had regular staff; however, since the pandemic, these positions have run on a volunteer basis.

To understand ANOF, each level should be dissected. Firstly, the General Assembly comprises individuals that are founding members, the President of the French Olympic Committee and the French Paralympic Committee, or its representatives. Altogether, the General Assembly is made up of 50 members. Secondly, the Council is run by 15 members, elected by the General Assembly for a renewable term of four years. The composition of the Council of administration must reflect the General Assembly in compliance with the provisions relating to the access of women and men to governing bodies. Lastly, the Board of Directors, which comprises seven members (including a President, four Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary and a Treasurer), have the responsibility to offer a proposition to the General Assembly for the possible choices regarding the future of the association. In addition, the Board of Directors is vested with the powers to authorise the activities that fall within the purpose of the association and within the framework of the guidelines defined by the General Assembly. Further, the Board of Directors presents a moral report and financial report annually to the General Assembly and a provisional budget. The current President of ANOF is Dr. Arnaud Richard.

The ANOF, like most other NOAs, has many connections to the NOC. In addition, the ANOF works closely with the French Paralympic Committee. Although most of the funding does come from the French NOC (CNOSF), only projects that CNOSF funds need approval from NOC. But otherwise, ANOF can make their own decisions. However, with the NOA’s funding, it can execute many of its educational programmes. Examples of this are the research fellow programme, sessions, and webinars for students at universities, which aim to support the development and spread of Olympic values / Paralympism amongst youth.  Another activity is the Week of Olympism for students, which includes work sessions on Olympism and sport, reflection workshops and collective productions, as well as sports activities, cultural visits to discover the local heritage and an experience rich in human encounters.

Beyond that, the NOA also collaborates with other NOAs, which has helped create the FGYO (Franco-German Youth Office) youth exchange with Germany/France. Working with other international organisations is also of high interest to the NOA. It is motivated to continue working with the institutions such as IOA, EOA, EOC and EOSE to implement new programmes further and develop its organisation.

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