Introducing the EOA’s new look

The EOA is excited to reveal a brand-new corporate design which marks a key turning point in the development of the organisation. A newly unveiled logo reminiscent of the Panathenaic Stadium will now represent the institution, whilst there will also be a website domain change and an update of the entire visual identity will be rolled out across EOA social media channels.

Where it all began
Following the EOA’s foundation in 2018, a temporary logo and corresponding corporate design were adopted for short term use until resources allowed the creation of a more comprehensive visual identity. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted many of the EOA’s activities, there was one silver lining according to Soenke Schadwinkel, EOA Communications Manager. “We used the time during the pandemic extensively to improve our visual identity and digital presence. We are eager to serve as the go-to news hub for all National Olympic Academies in Europe and with our updated professional look, we can now better fulfil our role as a communication platform.”

The redesign brief
A key aim of the redesign brief set out by the EOA Communication Commission was to visually represent how the traditional Olympic values shaped by Pierre de Coubertin are reflected in modern society today. Other important considerations made during the planning process included the incorporation of the Olympic symbols and recognition of the EOA members’ identities. Designer Marlon Herde was tasked with the creation of the new logo and additional graphic designs which will be featured on EOA social media channels and in the upcoming Annual Report. The EOA is very pleased with the fantastic results of his work, which will now enable the EOA to present a more cohesive and assured outward-facing identity.

The new logo
The Panathenaic Stadium is featured in the new logo because it was the main venue of the first modern Olympic Games and is a widely recognisable motif which symbolises the Olympic movement. EOA General Secretary Marion Guigon-Lacroix commented, “The new look incorporates both the tradition of the Olympic Movement and the vibrancy of sport. The three stripes of the stylised running track reflect the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect, and the colour blue represents the continent of Europe.” The logo’s reference to the heritage of the Olympic movement is particularly fitting for the EOA, which aims to preserve and promote the historic Olympic values through Olympic education.

A strong EOA identity
The introduction of the EOA’s new visual identity indicates a positive conclusion to a year in which the organisation gained four new members. Blue remains the colour which represents the European identities woven into the fabric of the organisation and the new corporate design celebrates the Olympic Movement by referencing the rich history of the Olympic Games.
In addition to the visual revamp, the EOA has also developed new content for its communications channels. New formats such as “Olympic Person of the Month” will be published regularly on the EOA’s social media channels, and the quarterly newsletter “The EOA Deep Dive” will offer a comprehensive review of all EOA news and many activities of the member NOAs.

You can view the EOA’s new look at and via @eoaolympic on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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