Five examples of good practice the Slovak Olympic Academy can show us

Over the past year, the Slovak Olympic Academy has been working on several valuable projects. A comprehensive report on its activities in 2022 was provided and is available on the EOA website: SOA Activity Report 2022. Here are a few creative things to look out for:

International Youth Forum participation

From left to right – Headmaster of the Gymnasium Pierre de Coubertin in Piestany Radim Urban, SOA Member Eva Corticelli, Ambassador of Japan in Slovakia HE Makoto Nakagawa, SOA Chairwoman Elena Malikova

SOA closely cooperates with the Pierre de Coubertin High School in Piestany. Active cooperation concerns methodical support of teachers and guidance of students in preparation for international youth forums of Pierre de Coubertin schools. SOA members participate in the school’s international activities with an impact on the development and dissemination of sports values and the philosophy of Olympism.

From 1st to 7th November 2022, the Slovak delegation representing the Pierre de Coubertin High School in Piestany took part in the 13th International Youth Forum of Pierre de Coubertin schools. The event included sports, cultural and social activities under the professional supervision of teachers and under the auspices of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee.

Organising a photo competition capturing an approach to sports values

The participents of the photo competition

The photography competition in 2022 created a space for capturing a joint Slovak-Japanese approach to sports values. It focused on capturing the beauty of sakura trees as a background to sports values such as friendship, respect, tolerance, and joy from hard work.

Spreading Olympic education and training in school curricula

Participants in preparation for the 13th International Youth Forum of Pierre de Coubertin schools in Munich, Germany

In the field of Olympic and sports heritage, SOA promoted the Olympic principles in 2022 as formulated in the Olympic Charter and other documents of the Olympic Movement. This year, it was mainly about very intensive cooperation with the Piestany Pierre de Coubertin High School in the preparation of students and teachers representing Slovakia at the 13th International Youth Forum of Pierre de Coubertin schools in Munich, Germany.

Following current digitisation trends in the new post-pandemic era

Educating and contemplating digitisation

SOA spread awareness of its activities through the SOSC website and supports the digital initiative of the Center for Olympic Studies in Lausanne, which provides direct access to more than 10,500 documents from the Olympic World Library in digital format.

Conducting educational activities

Cooperation with the Japanese Olympic Academy

In 2022, the SOA established new contacts and partnerships with several organisations working in the fields of sport, education, and culture. The most significant, but not the only one, was the cooperation with the Japanese Olympic Academy. They aimed to combine sport, geography, culture and customs.

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