Hellenic Olympic Academy


Country Greece
Name of AcademyHellenic Olympic Academy (HOA)
Εθνική Ολυμπιακή Ακαδημία
Name of PresidentGeorgios ALIKAKOS
Contact PersonDenise PANAGOPOULOU
Foundation date9 October 2001
Year of accession to EOA2018 (founding member)
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Projects of the Academy

The main project and purpose of the HOA is the promotion of the core values of Olympism, excellence, respect and friendship in Greece as well as the cultivation and application of pedagogical and social principles of the Olympic movement. Its primary scope is to promote to the younger generation the principles of sportsmanship, the Olympic Ideal and Fair Play and the balance between body, will and mind. The Academy also wants to contribute to the fight against doping and violence within the field of sport and promote the idea of sport as a fundamental human right.

The HOA is very active and organizes a series of activities and educational programs. Among those, is the innovative educational program “I love Sports, Kids’ Athletics”, in which, 192.900 pupils have already participated and which combines culture and sport. The program is still taking place every day at the unique Panathenaic Stadium, a symbol of our modern history and a world symbol of sports.

Additionally, HOA in cooperation with the Deutsche Sportjugend has started a sports’ youth exchange program in different sports which has already started very successfully. In cooperation with the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC), the French Embassy and the French Institute, HOA co-organizes the program “The generation 2004 in Greece on the way to the Olympic Games of Paris 2024”. A program that aims to disseminate the Olympic Spirit, the Olympic Education and francophonie and intents, through annual Olympic seminars with Greek and French athletes that took part in the Olympic Games of Athens 2004, to create an active network of around 1.800 young people, of a bilingual generation, capable of propagating the values of Olympism.

Another important program that started with the cooperation of CSI and the non-profit organization “Oloi Mazi Mporoume”, concerns the propulsion of the Olympic Idea and fair play, the promotion of volunteering, the fostering of environmental protection and prevention and the handling of issues of security and proper use of the internet. From the 27th of September till the 7th of October, HOC and HOA celebrated the European school day of sport, with experiential actions of sport and lectures regarding the Olympic values, with the participation of Olympic Medalists and distinguished athletes in schools all over the country.

On 19-21 September HOC, HOA, and the International Olympic Truce Center, in cooperation with “Connect your City”, co-organized a Festival in the Center of Athens, in Syntagma Square, with a variety of sports and activities in the context of celebrating World Peace Day. HOC and HOA in cooperation with the Children’s Art Gallery of Greece organize a Painting Competition Exhibition with the subject of “Modern Olympic Games”. Alongside those, the following projects have been organized: The educational program “Olympic and Cultural Values”, in Thessaloniki which combines sport and environmental actions, a program of Olympic education with sport and experiential actions in five different cities of Greece, the program of “Olympic Values” in Ancient Olympia and visits of Olympic Game winners in schools all over Greece so that the students get to know the Olympic sports and to initiate them into the values of Olympism.

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