In memoriam: Dinos Michaelides

Dinos Michaelides, the former President of the Cyprus National Olympic Committee, passed away at age 79 in June 2022. Michaelides was a respected and long-time sport-lover of Cypriot sport – first, as an athlete, then as a coach and sports administrator. Through his many decades of service, he greatly influenced the Cypriot and European sport.

Michaelides served as President of the Cyprus National Olympic Committee for four years (2016-2020), succeeding Ouranios Ioannides. He also served as President of the Cyprus National Olympic Academy between 2012 and 2020. He was the Director of the Cyprus NOC for twelve years (1985-1996), and Dean of the Olympic Academy, from its foundation in 1985 until 1996.

Dinos Michaelides served as a Board member of the Cyprus Sports Organization (1988-1991), President of the Cyprus Basketball Federation, Vice President of Special Olympics of Cyprus, Board Member of the Cyprus Amateur Athletic Association, and Board Member of APOEL FC.

In the Olympic family, both in the European and international context, he was regarded highly by his peers. He served as a Technical Committee Member of the European Olympic Committees and the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games. He was also an important figure in the founding of the Games of the Small States of Europe. He received numerous awards from the EOC, the ICMG and many Cypriot organisations.

We, the European Olympic Academies and the Olympic Family are saddened by the news of the passing of Dinos Michaelides. He was a remarkable personality with a deep passion for education and sports. In all his roles and involvement with sport, he gave his dedication, knowledge, and valuable services to help the matter at hand. Michaelides and his accomplishments will be remembered with warm hearts.

EOA President Manfred Laemmer and Dinos Michaelides at the Second EOA General Assembly and Conference in Nicosia in 2019. © EOA

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