FB-LS project published website with tools and materials on sports integrity

The Financial and Business Literacy in Sport for Athletes and Coaches (FB-LS) project is proud to announce the launch of its new website aimed at tackling global risks and issues in sports related to match-fixing, competition manipulation, and other integrity concerns.

Supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme of the European Union, the FB-LS project brings together partners dedicated to addressing the critical need for financial and business literacy and skills among athletes and coaches. The lack of such literacy can lead to vulnerabilities and risks within the sports industry, threatening the integrity of competitions and the well-being of athletes and stakeholders.

“At FB-LS, we recognize the importance of equipping athletes and coaches with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the financial and business aspects of their careers,” said Soenke Schadwinkel, EOA project partner of FB-LS. “Our new website serves as a valuable resource hub, providing educational materials, online-learning tools, and workshop presentations to empower athletes and coaches in managing their finances and careers effectively.”

Key features of the FB-LS website include:

  1. Athletes & Coaches Workshops: FB-LS conducted a series of workshops throughout 2022 and 2023 aimed at raising awareness on integrity issues and educating participants on financial and business skills for lifelong career management.
  2. Educational Materials: Workshop materials, including materials on entrepreneurship, career development, reflective learning, and managing individual change, are freely accessible for all educators.
  3. Online-Learning Tool: The project team has developed a self-education tool for athletes and coaches to enhance their understanding of personal finances and business skills in terms of lifelong career management.

Visitors to the website can also access additional resources such as quizzes, self-evaluation tools, and information on the project team.

“As we continue our mission to promote integrity and professionalism in sports, we invite athletes, coaches, educators, and stakeholders to explore the FB-LS website and take advantage of the valuable resources available,” added Ales Solar, FB-LS Project Coordinator.

To learn more about the FB-LS project and access the website, please visit https://fb-ls.eoaolympic.org/.

About FB-LS:
The Financial and Business Literacy in Sport for Athletes and Coaches (FB-LS) project is supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme of the European Union. It aims to address global risks and issues in sports related to integrity concerns through the promotion of financial and business literacy among athletes and coaches. For more information, visit https://fb-ls.eoaolympic.org/.

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