EOA paves the way for future developments

Within the framework of the EOA Congress, the EOA sets sail for its future strategic development across the “Stormy Waters of the Olympic Movement”, as echoed in the congress theme. The General Assembly approves Manfred Laemmer for his second term as President, adopts the EOA Strategic Plan and adds the Maltese Olympic Academy as its 30th member.

On 23 November 2022, the General Assembly convened for the fifth occasion since its founding, this time in Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park.

Manfred Laemmer was re-elected as EOA President without opposing candidates. Also confirmed were Mariia Bulatova (Vice-President), Marion Guigon-Lacroix (General Secretary) and Ivans Klementjevs (Vice-President). Clea Papaellina, Bernard Hilgers and Asta Sarkauskiene join the Board, making it as follows for the next four years:

  • Manfred Laemmer, President
  • Marion Guigon-Lacroix, General Secretary
  • Bernard Hilgers, Treasurer
  • Mariia Bulatova, Vice-President
  • Ivans Klementjevs, Vice-President
  • Asta Sarkauskiene, Board Member
  • Clea Papaellina, Board Member
The new EOA Executive Board: Clea Papaellina, Mariia Bulatova, Manfred Laemmer, Marion Guigon-Lacroix, Ivans Klementjevs, Asta Sarkauskiene (Bernard Hilgers is missing). © EOA/Julian Meusel

Moreover, the General Assembly endorsed the new Strategic Plan that the EOA Development & Cooperation Commission has been preparing over the last months. This plan serves as a strategic guideline, including the organisational mission, vision, values, objectives and strategic initiatives for the upcoming eight years.

With the introduction of the EOA Flame Awards and the EOA Medal of Merit, the EOA holds two measures to recognise the work of the National Olympic Academies as well as outstanding individual achievements, respectively.

Whilst the Medal of Merit is only awarded on a rare and occasional basis, the first EOA Flame Awards ceremony will presumably take place in the next General Assembly.

Looking ahead to the near future, further EOA seminars are in preparation, and several NOAs have indicated their willingness to host future EOA Congresses. As of 2023, the EOA will be involved in three EU projects, one of which it will lead itself.

Building on the developments of the last four years, the EOA will continue its work diligently under the new Executive Board and Executive Director Soenke Schadwinkel, whose contract was renewed in the run-up to the congress.

The EOA General Assembly in Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt. © EOA/Julian Meusel

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