Zuglói Hajós Alfréd Hungarian-German Bilingual Elementary School ignites Olympic Spirit

Zuglói Hajós Alfréd Hungarian-German Bilingual Elementary School, located in Hungary, is actively engaging its students in Olympic education and training through the Olympic Values Education and Training (OVEP) Pilot programme. The school aims to carry on the spirit of the Olympics and integrate the OVEP materials into various subjects, including physical education. 

To achieve this goal, the school has planned a series of activities for the classes throughout the academic year. Fourth grade students will focus on Hungarian reading, while the 5th grade will delve into the history of the ancient Olympics in their history class. Sixth grade students will have a class teacher lesson dedicated to the preparation and presentation of Olympians, and the 7th grade will engage in an Olympic quiz. Additionally, some of the older classes will participate in a rowing competition and have a theme day with a visit to the Olympic and Sports Museum. The integration of Olympic education extends beyond physical education classes. For example, the 7th grade will have discussions on conveying the Olympic core values in drama and theater class, as well as exploring Olympic records in physics class. Other groups will have opportunities to express their opinions on fairness in sports and participate in Fair Play lessons in collaboration with the International Fair Play Committee. 

The implementation of these activities involves the dedicated efforts of teachers, including Gremspergerné Judit Laskai, a humanities major and religion teacher, who conducted a lesson for the 6th grade. The lesson focused on bringing out the best in oneself and emphasised the importance of combining vision with action to achieve goals. Students were encouraged to reflect on their own goals and the steps required to accomplish them. Another teacher, Beles Beata, a PE teacher, led a study group on Olympic history for 8th grade students. The lesson covered various aspects of the Olympics, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, flag raising, Olympiad, and the significance of the five rings. The students also had the opportunity to create short presentations using PowerPoint to demonstrate their understanding of the topics. 

The school recognises the importance of creating a safe environment for students to make positive and healthy choices, emphasising the need for physical activity and sports opportunities. It also highlights the significance of parental involvement in fostering the development of healthy children. Furthermore, the school encourages creativity and cultural understanding through tasks such as designing Hungary’s Olympic logo and creating mascots based on students’ own ideas.

Márta Molnár, the head of the Zuglói Hajós Alfréd Elementary School, expressed her enthusiasm for the Olympic education initiatives and hopes to involve the teachers more extensively in the future. With a focus on values and education, the school believes that Olympic education can positively impact both individuals and communities, providing valuable lessons and experiences for young people. 

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