Safeguarding measures: BESST initiates pan-European survey, launches new website

Press Release

A large-scale study by project BESST is currently underway, in which European NOCs, National Federations and other sports organisations are being surveyed about their safeguarding practices. The BESST project aims to make a positive difference in the safety of European sports at all levels. Within its second goal to develop a turn-key solution safe sport legal framework for European sports organisations, the survey intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation of safeguarding processes and procedures. “The subject is treated very differently in the various countries and the results will reveal the necessary information for the subsequent legal framework,” said Daniela Negreda from IGNITX about the survey.

“The great feedback that we received so far shows that we have hit a nerve with the aim of contributing to an improved situation in terms of safe sport in Europe,” said Project Coordinator and EOA Executive Director Soenke Schadwinkel about the survey and project.

In August 2023, BESST also introduced its logo and a dedicated project website ( where information on the project’s progress, safe sport in general and the forthcoming legal framework can be accessed.

Sports organisations have been contacted about the survey by email by the European Olympic Academies (EOA). If you are interested in receiving more information, we invite you to get in touch with us at the email address below.

About the project
Building European Safe Sport Together funded by the European Commission (Erasmus+ Sport), is a project that aims to deliver the foundation for a harassment and abuse-free European Sports environment. With strong partners delivering the academic support, continent-wide network of organisations for dissemination, legal and project management, events delivery and sports organisations, the project has a full circle range of professionals with four key deliverables that will effectively raise the maturity of the European sports on its safeguarding readiness: it aims to provide (1) a definition of abuse and harassment, (2) a legal framework for sports organisations, (3) an awareness toolkit, and (4) a legal framework for sports events.

The project team consists of the following organisations: European Olympic Academies (EOA), IGNITX, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Rudi Hiti Academy, UEFA Foundation for Children, NOC of Netherlands (NOC*NSF), and Olympic Committee of Slovenia.

Soenke Schadwinkel, Project Coordinator

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