German Olympic Academy


Country Germany
Name of AcademyGerman Olympic Academy (DOA)
Deutsche Olympische Akademie
Name of PresidentProf. Dr. Gudrun DOLL-TEPPER
Contact PersonDr. Gerald FRITZ (Director)
Foundation date4 May 2007 in Frankfurt am Main
Year of accession to EOA2018 (founding member)
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Projects of the Academy

  • Olympic Day on the occasion of the foundation of the IOC
  • Biebricher Schlossgespräche in cooperation with the Hessian Ministry of the Interior
  • Presentation of the Fair Play Award of the German Sport
  • Conferences (Fairplay congress) and international workshops (NOA workshop 2012)
  • Reunions of German Olympic medallists
  • Academic case study Competition
  • German Olympic Youth Camp during the Olympic Games (since 2002)
  • Seminars for teachers of all grades nationwide (since 1991)
  • Seminar on Sport Science for students of German universities in Olympia/Greece (since 1998)
  • dsj academy camp in cooperation with the German Sport Youth on the occasion of the Youth Olympic Games
  • „Olympia calls: Join in!“ educational materials for teachers of primary and secondary schools (since 1988)
  • „Olympia compact: On the way to …“for the members of the German Olympic Team
  • Poster series on the history of the Olympic Games (summer and winter edition)
  • Publication of a German translation of the Olympic Charter
  • Release of various publications on Olympic Education in schools and sport associations
  • Selection and preparation of participants in different sessions of the IOA: Young Participants Directors of NOAs Postgraduate students Educators Olympic medallists Sports journalists

Annual reports

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