Hope and Healing at the Safe Sports International Global Sports Conference

by Marleen Haandrikman

Last week, IGNITX and the Windesheim University of Applied Science were present at the Safe Sports International Global Sports Conference in London, UK. This year’s theme contained ‘Hope and Healing: Supporting Athletes & Transforming Sports Cultures’. The main objective of the attendance was to collect the most updated information in the market in preparation for the launch of our joint safeguarding program, Building European Safe Sports Together (BESST).

On Monday, 18th of September, the researcher symposium took place in which researchers in the field of safe sports were able to gather and share their work. Here, Nicolette Schipper-van Veldhoven and Marleen Haandrikman (Windesheim) presented the concept version of the theoretical framework of the first work package of BESST. It was intended to show the field our different approaches to ensuring safe sports by identifying the occurrence of the distribution of power in the sports community.

© Marleen Haandrikman

On Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th of September, Nicolette and Marleen were together with Gustavo Harada and Guilherme Moraes (IGNITX) representatives of the BESST project at the conference. During the conference, general keynotes of speakers and workshops of interest were followed about topics such as international perspectives on leading change and the future of safeguarding research in sports.

Altogether, the conference saw key safeguarding players and researchers come together to discuss, learn, and share safe sports practices from international-level stakeholders.

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