Aauri Bokesa

Olympic Person of the Month August 2023

Aauri Bokesa’s exceptional achievements in sport, combined with her efforts to help children, make her a true Olympic Person of the month and an inspiration to athletes and social workers alike.

Aauri Bokesa, born on December 14th in 1988 in Madrid, is a remarkable Spanish athlete who has made impressive contributions to both basketball and athletics, excelling in Spanish championships and dominated the national 400m rankings from 2009 to 2016 also representing her country in international competitions, both individually and as part of the 4 x 400m relay team. She has leveraged her passion for athletics to make a positive impact on society through her project, “Deporte para la vida”.

Bokesa is known for her dedication to social work. Believing in the positive impact that sport can have, she initiated the project “Deporte para la vida” (Sport for Life), which has been operating for eight years and is funded by CELAD (Spanish Commission for the Fight Against Doping in Sport). “Deporte para la vida” has been implemented in multiple residential care centers across Spain, with the aim of providing the children with a brighter future. This project focuses on using sports to educate children and instilling essential values and social skills.

Bokesa and her team emphasise that while there may only be a handful of athletes who achieve the same level of fame as Rafael Nadal or Cristiano Ronaldo, there are countless individuals who work hard to pursue their dreams in sports. They strive to show children that they too can aspire to greatness and find inspiration in the stories of these athletes. Bokesa’s dedication to both athletics and social work demonstrates her commitment to using sport as a tool for positive change. By sharing her passion and values with children, she hopes to empower them to overcome challenges and create opportunities for themselves.

Her motivations for social work stem from her impressive sporting career. Bokesa started her career as a basketball player and with an impressive height of 1.83 m, Bokesa’s talent led her to represent the Spanish national team in various age groups, from U16 to U20. However, Bokesa’s journey in athletics began unexpectedly. AD Marathon, a renowned Madrid athletics club, found itself without athletes to cover the 400m dash. Bokesa was approached to fill the vacancy, and despite her lack of experience, she embraced the opportunity. In her second 400m race, she achieved the minimum qualifying time to compete in the Spanish senior athletics championships, even though she was still competing in the junior category at the age of 18. From that point forward, Bokesa focused on sprint events, with the 400m becoming her specialty.

While Bokesa continues her sporting career, her impact off the field will be just as significant. She is a shining example of how athletes can use their influence to bring about social change. Through the “Deporte para la vida” project, she is educating the next generation and teaching them the values of sportsmanship, determination and resilience. Aauri Bokesa leaves her mark not only on the track, but also in the hearts and lives of those she inspires through her dedication and unwavering commitment to both sport and social work.