Royal Spanish Olympic Academy


Country Spain
Name of AcademyRoyal Spanish Olympic Academy (RAOE)
Real Academia Olímpica Española
Name of PresidentConrado DURÁNTEZ CORRAL
Contact PersonAlfredo GOMEZ
Foundation date25 November 1968
Year of accession to EOA2018 (founding member)
Social media linksN/A

History and Projects of the Academy

On 25 November 1968, the Spanish Olympic Academy (AOE) was founded in Madrid in an official act presided by Juan Antonio Samaranch, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). The AOE was the first NOA to be created as an IOA subsidiary and collaborator. It celebrated its 20th, 30th and the 40th anniversary with protocol events which were attended by the IOC President and academic and national authorities, and chaired by H.R.H. the Prince of Asturias, the AOE’s Honorary President.

During those 50 years, the AOE has officially held its Annual Course on disseminating the Olympic movement. More than fifty publications on the Olympic movement have been published by the Spanish Olympic Academy, having received diplomas accrediting the participation of more than 5,000 students, and nine medals commemorating different anniversaries have also been minted. The Spanish Olympic Academy has helped to foster the creation of Olympic Academies in Africa, with courses in Benin (1997) and Togo (2001), creating as a consequence six Olympic Academies in the French-speaking area. As a result of the need to foster the Olympic movement through a common language and culture, the Spanish Olympic Academy fostered the creation of the Ibero American Association of Olympic Academies, with the first session being held in Madrid on 26 June 1988. Two years later, on 14 June 1990, the Association’s Statutes were drafted and a Governing Board was elected. The Association schedules congresses every two years to discuss action plans and agreements concerning the dissemination of the Olympic movement, while the work performed by each NOA during the two years is presented and subject to criticism. Also fostered by the Spanish Olympic Academy, the UEFO (Spanish Union of Olympic Philately) was founded in Madrid on 1 September 1996 to foster this cultural and artistic part of the Olympic phenomenon. The UEFO holds annual Assemblies and publishes two editions every year of the magazine Filatelia Olímpica (Olympic Philately. Likewise, fostered by the NOA, the Spanish Pierre de Coubertin Committee was created in Madrid on 6 October 1998 to disseminate the life, work and image of the person who restored the Olympic movement. Lastly, in the phase that began in 1990 and which is still underway, Olympic Studies Centres (OSC) have been created at various universities or City Councils. The OSC in question is created through an Agreement signed by the Spanish Olympic Committee President, the Vice-Chancellor of the respective university or Mayor, and the Spanish Olympic Academy President. The Spanish Olympic Committee-Spanish Olympic Academy loans a list of Olympic titles to the OSC and both contracting parties undertake to organise conferences, seminars and courses on the Olympic movement, proportionally collaborating with the cost.

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