Moldovan Olympic Academy


Country Republic of Moldova
Name of AcademyMoldovan Olympic Academy
Comitetul Național Olimpic al Republicii Moldova
Name of PresidentAnatolie POPUSOI
Contact PersonCristina VASILIANOV
Foundation date2013
Year of accession to EOA2023
Social media linksN/A

Meet the Academy

Interview with Ms. Cristina Vasilianov, Secretary General of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of the Republic of Moldova

  • We would like to know more about your organisation. Can you outline the structure and functioning of your NOA/NOC, (the relationship with your NOC, if it is an independent organisation) and give us a brief history?

The Olympic Academy of the Republic of Moldova was founded on 27 December 2013 by decision of the Executive Committee of the National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOS). Our National Olympic Academy is part of the structure within the CNOS. The President of the institution is Anatolie Popusoi, a renowned coach of the Republic of Moldova and university lecturer. The project manager is Evghenii Draganov, who is responsible for conducting the Olympic lessons.

The Olympic Academy, founded in accordance with the principles of the Olympic Charter and the provisions of the CNOS Statutes, has the task of promoting the Olympic ideas, studying the cultural, ethical, historical and sociological aspects of the Olympic Movement, promoting integrity and the spirit of fair play in sports and supporting other cultural-sporting activities.

  • We are delighted that you are part of the EOA family now. Can you, as our main contact person of the organisation, briefly introduce yourself so that everyone gets to know you?

I have been Secretary General of the NOC of Moldova for 15 years. I am also President of the Moldovan Skating Federation and Vice Chairperson of the EYOF Winter Commission of the EOC. As an athlete, I was a fencer and took part in World and European Youth Championships.

  • Has there been any projects related to promoting the Olympic idea/values/heritage that have been carried out in your country?

Every year, the Olympic Academy is part of the programmes of the main CNOS initiatives, such as the World Olympic Day, the Olympic Festival, and the ECO Festival.

The main activities of the Olympic Academy include training sessions, seminars and meetings in academic environments – universities, colleges and high schools where the younger generation introduced to the history of Olympism and the top athletes who take part in these activities share their own experiences. The young people who take part in these activities have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the exhibits of the Olympic Museum int the CNOS premises.

One of our most important projects is “Olympic Lesson”, which was very successful in 2023 when we doubled the number of Olympic Lessons to 60 compared to the previous year. Throughout the year, the Olympic House opened its doors to students of high schools and gymnasiums from Chisinau. The children had the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement and to visit the Olympic Museum. In an interactive and fun way, the children were involved in games that helped them to better understand the Olympic values and the principles that guide this international movement.

Notable personalities who have made history in sport in the Republic of Moldova gave speeches to the children: Among others, the two-time Olympic champion and President of the National Olympic Committee of Moldova, Nicolae Juravschi, Olympic champion Larisa Popova, President of the Olympic Academy of Moldova, Anatolie Popusoi, and the country’s currently most prominent athlete, hammer thrower Zalina Marghieva.

In addition to teaching at the Olympic House, the team from the National Olympic and Sports Committee also promoted the project in other locations in the Republic of Moldova. In 2023, over 2,000 children aged between 7 and 17 took part in the “Olympic Lessons”.

  • Does your organisation have any new educational projects planned for the coming years, also with regard to the 2024 Paris Games?

In anticipation of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, we are planning to include a special chapter about the upcoming Olympic Games in the “Olympic lessons”. We want to tell the children about the Summer Olympics and the athletes who will represent the Republic of Moldova in France.

  • What do you hope to derive from joining the EOA? Do you have expectations and wishes?

By joining the EOA, we would like to continue promoting the ideals of Olympism and the Olympic Movement. For us, this can be a new chapter in our activities and a recognition at the highest level. Without a doubt, this new step will be a strong motivation for the Olympic Academy of the Republic of Moldova to continue its process of development.

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